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Nebraska Cases and Attorney General Opinions
Table of Contents

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Adverse Possession - Accretion
Adverse Possession - Against Government
Adverse Possession - Elements of
Adverse Possession - Establish Boundary Line
Adverse Possession - Evidence
Adverse Possession - Evidence of Fence Line
Adverse Possession - Exact Description of Property
Adverse Possession - Hostile
Adverse Possession - Irregular Tracts
Adverse Possession - Land Used Continuously
Adverse Possession - Mistaken Boundary
Adverse Possession - Motives
Adverse Possession - Notorious
Adverse Possession - Occupy With Intent to Own
Adverse Possession - Quiet Title

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Board of Examiners
Boundaries - Acquiescence
Boundaries - Common Property
Boundaries - Determine from Evidence
Boundaries - Easements
Boundaries - Establish by Acquiescence
Boundaries - Establish by Action in Equity
Boundaries - Establish by Agreement
Boundaries - Establish by Agreement and Acquiescence
Boundaries - Fences
Boundaries - Jury Instructions
Boundaries - Obliterated Corners
Boundaries - Plat Conflicts with Survey
Boundaries - Subdivision of Section
Boundaries - Survey
Boundaries - Trees and Hedges
Boundaries - Variance
Boundary Disputes - Evidence

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Conveyance - Accretion
Conveyance - Acres Stated
Conveyance - Intent
Conveyance - Intent of Parties Prevail
Conveyance - Legal Description
Conveyance - Lot Numbers
Conveyance - Lot Numbers or Land Markers
Conveyance - Metes and Bounds
Conveyance - Reference to Second Document
Conveyance - Riparian Land
Conveyance - Streets and Alleys
Conveyance - Survey Included in Document
County Surveyor - Duties
County Surveyor - Qualifications

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Dedication - Acceptance of
Dedication - by Acts
Dedication - Common Law Distinction
Dedication - Effect of Vacating -- Dedicate Street
Dedication - Evidence of
Dedication - Fee Held in Public Trust
Dedication - Filing Plat
Dedication - Intent to Dedicate
Dedication - Knowledge and Acquiescence
Dedication - Parol, Implied by Acts, by Time
Dedication - Permissive Use of Land
Dedication - Through Prescription
Dedication - Vacation of Dedicated Street
Dedication - Width of Dedication
Definition - Accretion
Definition - Acquiescence
Definition - Avulsion
Definition - Batture
Definition - Extent
Definition - Geographic Centerline
Definition - Island
Definition - Littoral Land
Definition - Monument
Definition - Profession
Definition - Reliction
Definition - Riparian Land
Definition - Thread of the Channel

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Easements by Prescription - Creation
Easements - Avigation
Easements - Elements to Prove a Prescriptive Right
Easements - Extent of
Easements - Implied
Evidence - Easements
Evidence - Enclosure
Evidence - Expert Witnesses
Evidence - Field Notes
Evidence - Generally
Evidence - Government Survey
Evidence - Improvements
Evidence - Monuments
Evidence - Location of An Obliterated Corner
Evidence - Physical Evidence Found
Evidence - Plats
Evidence - Resurvey
Evidence - Secondary Evidence
Evidence - Subsequent Survey
Evidence - Testimony

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Government Corners
Government Corners - Reestablish
Government Corners - Rule for Locating

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Highway - Access
Highway - Establish
Highway - Establish by Prescription
Highway - Statutory

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Land Survey - By Electronic Means
Land Surveyor - Negligence

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Natural Stream

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Plats - Consent to Contents
Public Highways and Roads

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Riparian Rights
Riparian Rights - Accretion
Riparian Rights - Accretion and Reliction
Riparian Rights - Accretion Caused by Water
Riparian Rights - Accretion to an Island
Riparian Rights - Avulsion
Riparian Rights - Boundary Follows Channel
Riparian Rights - Change in River Bank
Riparian Rights - Converse of Streams
Riparian Rights - Evidence of Accretion
Riparian Rights - Navigable Watercourses
Riparian Rights - Meander Lines
Riparian Rights - Own Soil to Thread of Stream
Riparian Rights - Reasonable Use of Water
Riparian Rights - Reliction
Riparian Rights - Submergence
Riparian Rights - Subsequently Formed Islands
Riparian Rights - Thread of Stream
Riparian Rights - Thread of the Channel
Riparian Rights - Upstream Use of Water
Road Width

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State Survey Record Repository

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