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Nebraska Statutes: 15-701

Chapter 15:

15-701. Streets, sidewalks, public ways; improvements; condemnation; vacating; sale, exchange, or lease of property. The city council shall have power by ordinance to create, open, widen or otherwise improve, vacate, control, name, and rename any street, alley, public way or ways, including the sidewalk space within the limits of the city; Provided, all damages sustained by the owners of the property thereon by opening or widening shall be ascertained in the manner set forth in sections 76-704 to 76-724; and provided further, whenever any street, alley or public way shall be vacated, the same shall revert to the owners of the adjacent real estate, one-half on each side thereof, unless the city reserves title thereto in the ordinance vacating such street, alley or public way. in the event title is retained by the city, such property may be sold, conveyed, exchanged or leased upon such terms and conditions as shall be deemed in the best interests of the city, as authorized in its home rule charter.

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