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Nebraska Statutes: 34-101

Chapter 34:

34-101. Hedge or live fences; planted on line of road or public highway; when allowed. Whenever any owner or owners, occupier or occupiers of any lands bordering upon any public road or highway, except a street or alley in a town, may wish to plant and cultivate any hedge or live fence, along the margin of his, her, or their land, it shall be lawful for any such person or persons to set and plant any such hedge or live fence precisely on the line of the road or public highway, and also to place on the margin of such a road a protection fence, not to occupy more than six feet of the margin or edge of said road, and such protection fence, when placed opposite any live fence or hedge actually set and planted, shall be permitted by the county board and all other persons, to remain for the term of seven years; Provided, the county board may grant permission in writing to the owner or owners of any live fence or hedge to continue such protection fence any term of time which it may deem necessary.

Source: R.S. 1866, c. 1, § 12, p. 7; R.S. 1913, § 2475; C.S. 1922, § 2417; C.S. 1929, § 34-101.