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Nebraska Statutes: 34-102

Chapter 34:

34-102. Division fence; adjoining occupants; apportionment of cost. When two or more persons shall have lands adjoining, each of them shall make and maintain a just proportion of the division fence between them; Provided, however, this shall not be construed to compel the erection and maintenance of a division fence where neither of the adjoining landowners desires such division fence. Unless the owners of such lands adjoining shall have agreed otherwise, such fence shall be a lawful fence, as defined in section 34-115.

Source: R.S. 1866, c. 1, § 13, p. 8; R.S. 1913, § 476; Laws 1919, c. 94, § 2, p. 237; C.S. 1922, § 2418; C.S. 1929, § 34-102.