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Nebraska Statutes: 76-235

Chapter 76:

76-235. Deed; receipt in evidence; recording; proof. Every deed acknowledged or proved, and certified by any of the officers named in section 76-217, 76-219, 76-220, 76-226 and 76-227, and authorized to take acknowledgments, including the certificate specified in section 76-242, whenever such certificate is required by law, may be read in evidence without further proof, and shall be entitled to be recorded. The record of a deed duly recorded, or a transcript thereof duly certified, may also be read in evidence with the like force and effect as the original deed, whenever by the party's oath or otherwise the original is known to be lost, or not belonging to the party wishing to use the same, nor within his control. Neither the certificate of the acknowledgment or the proof of any deed, nor the record or transcript of the record of such deed, shall be conclusive, but may be rebutted, and the force and effect thereof may be contested by any party affected thereby. If the party contesting the proof of a deed shall make it appear that such proof was taken upon the oath of an interested or incompetent witness, neither such deed nor the record thereof shall be received in evidence until established by other competent proof.

Source: R.S. 1866, c. 43, § 13, p. 282; R.S. 1913, § 6210; C.S. 1922, § 5609; C.S. 1929, § 76-215.