Nebraska Statutes: 19-918


19-918. Additions; subdivision; plat of streets; duty of owner to obtain approval.

No owner of real estate within the corporate limits of such municipality shall be permitted to subdivide, plat, or lay out said real estate into blocks, lots, streets, or other portions of the same intended to be dedicated for public use, or for the use of the purchasers or owners of lots fronting thereon or adjacent thereto, without first having obtained the approval thereof of the governing body of such municipality or its agent designated pursuant to section 19-916. Any and all additions to be made to the municipality shall be made, so far as the same relate to the avenues, streets, and alleys therein, under and in accordance with the provisions of sections 19-916 to 19-918.

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The subdivision into lots and the filing of a plat, by the owner of lands adjacent to and outside the city limits, without the city’s affirmative change of its boundaries, does not place such land within the city limits, even though city taxes are levied against it, and a court will enjoin such taxes in a collateral attack. Hemple v. City of Hastings, 79 Neb. 723, 113 N.W. 187 (1907).

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