Nebraska Statutes: 23-1509


23-1509. Grantor and grantee index; entries; form.

The entries in such index shall be double, the one showing the names of the respective grantors arranged in alphabetical order, and the other those of the grantees in like order. When there are two or more grantors having different surnames there must be as many distinct entries among the grantors as there are names, being alphabetically arranged in regard to each of such names. The same rule shall be followed in case of several grantees.

Laws 1879, § 80, p. 376;
R.S.1913, § 5624;
C.S.1922, § 4951;
C.S.1929, § 26-1209;
R.S.1943, § 23-1509.

Purpose of statute in requiring both general index and numerical index is to guard against blunders in recording. Crook v. Chilvers, 99 Neb. 684, 157 N.W. 617 (1916).

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