Nebraska Statutes: 23-1901.01


23-1901.01. County surveyor; residency; appointed from another county; when; term.

(1) A person need not be a resident of the county when he or she files for election as county surveyor, but if elected as county surveyor, such person shall reside in a county for which he or she holds office.

(2) In a county having a population of less than one hundred fifty thousand inhabitants in which the voters have voted against the election of a county surveyor pursuant to section 32-525 or in which no county surveyor has been elected and qualified, the county board of such county shall appoint a competent surveyor either on a full-time or part-time basis from any other county of the State of Nebraska to such office. In making such appointment, the county board shall negotiate a contract with the surveyor, such contract shall specify the responsibility of the appointee to carry out the statutory duties of the office of county surveyor and shall specify the compensation of the surveyor for the performance of such duties, which compensation shall not be subject to section 33-116. A county surveyor appointed under this subsection shall serve the same term as that of an elected surveyor.

(3) A person appointed to the office of county surveyor in any county shall not be required to reside in the county of appointment.

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Operative Date: January 1, 2015

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