Nebraska Statutes: 25-2196


25-2196. Order of conveyance; when made; purchase money security.

If the sales aforesaid are approved and confirmed, an order shall be entered directing the referee or referees, or a majority thereof, to execute conveyances pursuant to such sales. But no conveyance can be made until all the money is paid, without receiving from the purchaser a mortgage of the land so sold, or other equivalent security.

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C.S.1922, § 9264;
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Where referee reported to court that he received money and court confirmed sale, failure to collect purchase price would not render sale void as against later purchaser in good faith. Federal Land Bank of Omaha v. Tuma, 116 Neb. 99, 216 N.W. 186 (1927).

Referees are not absolved from liability in not requiring payment of purchase money by confirmation of sale. Schick v. Whitcomb, 68 Neb. 784, 94 N.W. 1023 (1903).

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