Nebraska Statutes: 39-1506


39-1506. County highway superintendent; qualifications.

Any person, whether or not a resident of the county, who is a duly licensed engineer in this state, any firm of consulting engineers duly licensed in this state, or any other person who is a competent, experienced, practical road builder shall be qualified to serve as county highway superintendent, except that no member of the county board shall be eligible for appointment. In counties having a population of fifty thousand but less than one hundred fifty thousand inhabitants according to the most recent official United States census, the county surveyor shall perform all the duties and possess all the powers and functions of the county highway superintendent. In counties having a population of one hundred fifty thousand or more inhabitants, the county engineer shall serve as county highway superintendent.

Laws 1957, c. 155, art. II, § 6, p. 515;
Laws 1982, LB 127, § 9;
Laws 1986, LB 512, § 3.

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