Nebraska Statutes: 81-8,110.01


81-8,110.01. Examining board; members; terms; qualifications; removal; vacancies.

(1) The examining board shall consist of four members appointed by the Governor who are duly registered under sections 81-8,108 to 81-8,127 to practice land surveying and one lay member appointed by the Governor who is of the age of legal majority and has been a resident of Nebraska for at least one year immediately prior to appointment to the examining board. Such lay member shall be a representative of consumer viewpoints.

(2) The members of the examining board shall be appointed to five-year terms. Each member shall serve until the appointment and qualification of his or her successor. Each member appointed to the examining board shall receive a certificate of appointment from the Governor. Each member so appointed, prior to beginning his or her term, shall file with the Secretary of State the constitutional oath of office. The Governor may remove any member of the examining board for misconduct, incompetency, incapacity, or neglect of duty or upon conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude. Vacancies on the examining board, however created, shall be filled for the unexpired term of the member by appointment by the Governor.

Laws 1971, LB 442, § 3;
Laws 1984, LB 478, § 2;
Laws 1994, LB 874, § 3.

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