Nebraska Statutes: 81-8,117


81-8,117. Land surveying; eligibility for registration; requirements.

(1) No person shall be eligible for registration unless:

  • (a) He or she has successfully passed an examination, designed to determine his or her proficiency and qualification to engage in the practice of land surveying. No applicant shall be entitled to take such examination until he or she shows the necessary practical experience in land surveying work; and
  • (b) He or she (i) has not less than six years of surveying experience of which five years must be as defined in subdivision (4) of section 81-8,109, and three of such five years must have been in a responsible position as a subordinate to a licensed land surveyor, or (ii) has graduated, after a course of not less than four years in surveying, engineering, or other approved curriculum, with proportionate credit for lesser time, from a school or college approved by the examining board as of satisfactory standing and has an additional two years of practice in a responsible position.

(2) For purposes of this section, responsible position means a position that requires initiative, skill, and independent judgment and does not include the position of chainman, rodman, instrument person, ordinary drafter, or other position performing routine work.

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