Nebraska Statutes: 81-8,119.01


81-8,119.01. Certificate of registration; renewal; professional development requirements; inactive status.

(1) As a condition for renewal of a certificate of registration issued pursuant to sections 81-8,108 to 81-8,127, a certificate holder who has previously renewed his or her registration shall be required to successfully complete thirty hours of professional development within the preceding two calendar years. Any certificate holder who completes in excess of thirty hours of professional development within the preceding two calendar years may have the excess, not to exceed fifteen hours, applied to the requirement for the next biennium.

(2) The examining board shall not renew the certificate of registration of any certificate holder who has failed to complete the professional development requirements pursuant to subsection (1) of this section, unless he or she can show good cause why he or she was unable to comply with such requirements. If the examining board determines that good cause was shown, the examining board shall permit the registered surveyor to make up all outstanding required hours of professional development.

(3) A certificate holder may at any time prior to the termination of his or her registration request to be classified as inactive. Such inactive registrations may be maintained by payment of a biennial fee of not less than five nor more than fifty dollars as determined by the examining board. Holders of inactive certificates of registration shall not be required to complete professional development as required in subsection (1) of this section. Holders of inactive certificates shall not practice land surveying. If the examining board determines that an inactive registrant has actively practiced land surveying, the examining board may immediately revoke his or her certificate of registration.

(4) A holder of an inactive certificate of registration may return his or her certificate to an active registration to practice land surveying by the applicant electing to either:

  • (a) Complete one and one-half the biennial requirement for professional development. Such requirement shall be satisfied as set forth in the rules or bylaws; or
  • (b) Take such examination as the examining board deems necessary to determine his or her qualifications. Such examination shall cover areas designed to demonstrate the applicant’s proficiency in current methods of land surveying practice.

Additionally he or she shall pay the biennial fee as required in section 81-8,118.

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