Nebraska Statutes: 81-8,125


81-8,125. Land surveyor; suspension or revocation of registration; hearing; attendance of witnesses; record; findings; order; effect.

The examiner shall have power to compel the attendance of witnesses and to administer oaths and shall take testimony and proof concerning the charges stated in the complaint. A complete record shall be made of all testimony taken and evidence received at such hearing, which record shall be filed with the secretary of the examining board. The examiner conducting such hearing shall make in writing complete findings and recommendations to the examining board. Thereafter, the examining board shall, in writing officially signed by all members concurring therein, make its findings, determination, and order in the matter. If the examining board finds that the registrant has been guilty of any of the practices set forth in section 81-8,123, the land surveyor shall be placed on probation or his or her registration shall be revoked or suspended. As a condition of probation the examining board may restrict the land surveyor’s scope of practice or require supervision of the land surveyor’s practice.

Laws 1957, c. 383, § 18, p. 1337;
Laws 1994, LB 874, § 24.

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