Nebraska Statutes: 81-8,126


81-8,126. Land surveying; applicability of law.

Sections 81-8,108 to 81-8,127 shall not apply to (1) any land surveyor working for the United States Government while performing his or her duties as an employee of the government, (2) any person employed as an assistant to a land surveyor registered under such sections, or (3) any professional engineer or person working under the direct supervision of a professional engineer licensed under the Engineers and Architects Regulation Act doing work which does not involve the location, description, establishment, or reestablishment of property corners or property lines or work which does not create descriptions, definitions, or areas for transfer of an estate in real property.

Laws 1957, c. 383, § 19, p. 1338;
Laws 1989, LB 263, § 2;
Laws 1997, LB 622, § 118.

Cross Reference:
Engineers and Architects Regulation Act, see section 81-3401.

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