Nebraska Statutes: 84-406


84-406. Board of Educational Lands and Funds; field notes of Surveyor General of the United States; inspection.

The Commissioner of the General Land Office or any Surveyor General or deputy surveyor general or any agent or authority of the United States, or any county surveyor of Nebraska, shall at all times have free access to the surveys, field notes, maps, charts, records, and other papers as provided for in sections 84-404 and 84-405, the reception and safekeeping of which is herein provided for, and which shall be received from the United States under the authority of any Act of Congress.

Laws 1889, c. 84, § 4, p. 568;
R.S.1913, § 5562;
C.S.1922, § 4866;
C.S.1929, § 84-405;
R.S.1943, § 84-406.

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