Nebraska Statutes: 84-407


84-407. State Surveyor; deputy surveyors; duties; compensation.

(1) The Board of Educational Lands and Funds shall appoint a competent and experienced land surveyor to be known and designated as the State Surveyor. He or she shall take charge under the supervision of the board of the field notes, maps, charts, and records of the United States surveys and perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the board. He or she shall also provide technical assistance, support, and advice to the various counties, cities, and other governmental bodies in Nebraska in their endeavors to produce and maintain cadastral or other geo-referenced maps.

(2) The board may, when in its judgment there is need of expediting the execution of surveys applied or petitioned for and of expediting the settlement of the disputes referred to in section 84-410, appoint one or more competent experienced deputy land surveyors.

(3) Each of the deputy surveyors shall make such surveys as may be assigned him or her and report his or her work together with all necessary notes and maps to the board. Upon approval of his or her report and accompanying documents by the board, the same shall be used in all respects as though made by the chief State Surveyor. Each deputy appointed under the provisions of this section, except as otherwise provided in section 84-407.01, shall be entitled to compensation as determined by the board and necessary expenses for the time actually engaged in service, to be paid to the State Treasurer by the parties applying for or petitioning for a survey or resurvey, and parties interested in any dispute over surveys or boundaries.

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