Nebraska Statutes: 84-413


84-413. Survey record repository; duties.

The survey record repository shall:

(1) Microfilm, index, and file the surveying records of all surveys completed after July 17, 1982, which are filed pursuant to sections 81-8,121 to 81-8,122.01;

(2) Provide a copy of survey records to the county in which the survey was conducted. Such copy shall be transmitted to the county within thirty days of its receipt by the repository and at no cost to the county;

(3) As funds become available from the fees collected pursuant to this section, and at no cost to the counties, request records of all surveys completed prior to July 17, 1982, from the counties and incorporate such records into the repository’s files;

(4) Collect a fee not to exceed five dollars for each survey of a subdivision or a survey which makes reference to an original government corner and collect a fee not to exceed two dollars and fifty cents for all other surveys filed with the repository by a surveyor, except that no fee shall be charged for filing surveys pursuant to section 23-1911 when the work is requested by the county and when no fees for the survey are received by the surveyor or the county from any other persons;

(5) Collect a fee not to exceed ten dollars for each search of the repository’s files required by any person;

(6) Charge a fee for the reproduction of material equal to the cost of such reproduction; and

(7) Provide information to any person upon request and payment of the appropriate fee.

Laws 1982, LB 127, § 16.

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