Benefits of Membership

About PSAN:

The Professional Surveyors Association of Nebraska was organized for the purpose of forming an Association of Professionals to represent the surveying and mapping profession and to aid and contribute to the standards of the profession for the benefit of the general public and the members of the Association.

PSAN is a quality, professional membership society representing the Surveying & Mapping Profession, including: Photogrammetry, Imagery, Remote Sensing, Base Mapping, GIS/LIS, Cartography, Geodesy, Geomatics, GPS, Geographic Information and Geospatial Data.

PSAN is an affiliate of the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS). A membership with PSAN includes a membership in NSPS. For NSPS membership benefits, see the link at the bottom of the page.

Why would you join? Your membership contributes towards:

1) Maintaining and supporting a 56-year-old professional society network of surveyors and mappers in Nebraska and across the U.S. This network serves and adds credibility and value to your daily interactions with your peers and business partners.

2) Protecting and enhancing your license and practice laws in Nebraska, through our work with the BPSM (Board of Professional Surveyors and Mappers).

3) Maintaining a full-time lobbyist and PAC – one of the largest surveying and mapping society PACs in the country – which constantly watches out for our industry and daily businesses.

4) Promoting and encouraging the future youth in our profession through a scholarship fund, college programs, high school programs, CST programs, and technical programs and seminars.

5) Monitoring and addressing unlicensed practice in Nebraska with a very active state-wide Unlicensed Practice committee.

6) Provides you with CEC education opportunities, including a voucher for 3 credits upon membership renewal, as well as additional credits for attending local meetings and seminars.

7) Supporting local chapters, where you can earn credits and engage with surveyors in your local area who face the same professional challenges as you do.

8) Bolstering an otherwise inaccessible state-wide network of surveying professionals, which can be utilized for career advice, business opportunities, and camaraderie! 

Benefits of NSPS Membership

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