Bylaws of PSAN: Article I – Membership


All applications for membership in the Association shall be made in writing to the Administrative Secretary of the Association. The Administrative Secretary shall forward to the Official Board to verify the qualifications of the proposed member and forward a copy of said application and verification to the members of the Official Board for approval. If no reply is received by the Administrative Secretary in opposition to the application within ten (10) days, the application shall be deemed approved. In the event of opposition to the application, further action will be taken at the next meeting of the Official Board.


Honorary Life Membership proposals shall be submitted by an Active or Honorary Life Member, who shall state his reason or reasons for the proposal. Election shall be conducted in the manner set forth in Article III, Section 1b, of the Constitution. A member so elected shall be notified by letter. The election shall be null and void if acceptance is not received within ninety (90) days after mailing such notice.


The Constitution and Bylaws shall be available to all members of this Association, on the Professional Surveyors Association of Nebraska’s website. The Constitution and Bylaws shall be mailed to any member upon request.


The term “he” as used in this document shall be neutral as far as gender is concerned.

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