Bylaws of PSAN: Article III – Meetings and Quorums


Meetings of the Official Board, other than the annual meeting, may be held at a time and place as designated by the President of the Association, or upon the request of three (3) members of the Official Board, or upon the request of five (5) voting members of the Association. The members of the board shall be notified in advance of meetings of the Official Board 14 days prior to said meeting. Public notice of each meeting shall be made by posting said notice in the office of the Administrative Secretary of the Association, along with the agenda for said meeting. The agenda shall be revised as necessary, prior to the meeting or at the meeting. Emergency meetings may be called by a request of 10 percent of the voting members of the Association.


Fifteen (15) voting members constitute a quorum at the annual meetings.


Seven (7) members of the Official Board shall constitute a quorum at a meeting of the Official Board. Voting shall be by roll call vote.

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