Bylaws of PSAN: Article VII – Discipline and Expulsion


The Association, through its Official Board, will have the power to investigate the conduct of its members alleged to be in conflict with the interest of the Surveying Profession or of this Association.


Upon alleged misconduct of a Member coming to the notice of the Official Board or upon filing of charges against a member signed by five (5) or more members, the Official Board shall examine such charges and if there appears to be sufficient reasons for hearing thereon, shall fix a date for such hearing and shall, not less than thirty (30) days before said date, notify the accused thereof by Certified letter, accompanied by a copy of the charges and all evidence adduced in support thereof, produce and examine witnesses in his defense, hear, and, at his option, cross-examine any witness called in support of the charges, offer documentary evidence, and make a written or oral statement in his behalf. Promptly after the hearing, the Official Board shall consider the evidence and render its decision. A two-thirds vote of the entire Official Board shall be necessary to sustain the charges. If they are sustained, the Official Board shall fix the Penalty of suspension for a fixed period of time or expulsion, and shall notify the member of the decision. Appeals may be submitted to the next general meeting of the Association and a two-thirds vote of the Quorum at this meeting shall be required to override the decision of the Official Board.


No disciplinary proceeding of the Association shall be given publicity, except as provided for in this Article.

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