Constitution of PSAN: Article IV – Officers


The officers of the Association shall be President, Vice President or President Elect (whom shall act as Vice President), Treasurer, Secretary, and six (6) Directors and one (1) ex-officio director. The one (1) ex-officio director shall be the Nebraska State Surveyor. These individuals shall constitute the Official Board of this Association. The President and Secretary shall be Chairman and Secretary, respectively. One Affiliate Director is eligible to be a member of the Official Board pursuant to Constitutional Article VII and shall have full director voting rights. The Official Board shall have vested in them the Government of the Association and the control of its property.


The President Elect or Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer, Three(3) of the six (6) Directors, shall be elected by letter ballot prior to the Annual Meeting of the Association and shall hold office until their successors are elected and qualified at the next Annual Meeting.

The President Elect for the current year shall become President for the ensuing two years. The President shall not be eligible for any office for two (2) years after the completion of the President’s term either by election or appointment.


Only Honorary Life Members, Retired Members, and Active Members shall have the privilege of voting for and holding the office of President, President Elect, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Six (6) Directors in the Association.


At the expiration of the term of any elected Director (except the State Surveyor, President Elect and Vice President), their successor shall be elected for a term of two (2) years.

The President shall serve a term of office of two (2) years.

The Vice President shall serve a one (1) year term at the same time as the Presidents 1st year. The President Elect shall serve a one (1) year term at the same time as the Presidents 2nd year.

The Secretary and Treasurer shall serve a term of office of two (2) years. These officers shall begin their two (2) year terms in alternating years.

To be eligible for the office of President Elect, a candidate shall have served on the Official Board of the Professional Surveyors Association of Nebraska within the last seven years.


The President shall preside at all meetings of the membership or of the Official Board except that he may appoint a temporary Chairman at any such meeting or part of such meeting. He shall be the principal officer of the Association and with the Official Board, shall guide its functions. He shall provide the Secretary and Administrative Secretary with a copy of all official correspondence which he may conduct for the permanent records of the Association.


The Vice President or President Elect shall assist the President and act for him in his absence or by his direction.


The Secretary shall be the custodian of the records and books of the Association except the accounts of the Treasurer. He shall conduct the official correspondence of the Association under the direction of the Official Board and maintain a file of all such correspondence. He shall prepare reports of all meetings of the Association or its Directors and perform such other duties as the Official Board may direct.


The Treasurer shall be custodian of all funds and act without bond. He shall keep books and accounts of the receipts and expenditures of the funds and render a financial statement at the annual meeting, and as directed by the Official Board.


All Association funds shall be deposited in the name of the Association in a bank or banks approved by the Official Board, and the withdrawal of any such funds shall only be made as follows: The Administrative Secretary shall be on the account to have access to the bank statements and only the Treasurer shall have vested authority to singularly draw and sign orders (checks) in the name of the Association. The State Surveyor shall be on the account and in the absence of the Treasurer, shall draw his orders (checks) and have it cosigned by an approved Officer of the Association, limited to the Vice President, President Elect, or Secretary.


First Amendment approved by PSAN Members on February 13, 2014:

In the event any member of the Official Board of Professional Surveyors Association of Nebraska misses (3) consecutive meetings without just cause, the Official Board may declare the office vacant and provided further the Board shall appoint a qualified member to fill remaining term of said position except the office of Vice President, President Elect or President.

At the first meeting of the calendar year, the official board shall elect a Chairman of the Board who’s responsibilities shall be to act as Acting President in the absence of the President, President Elect and/or Vice President.

In the event that the office of President and President Elect are vacant at the same time, there shall be an emergency election by the general membership within 90 days of the notification to the Official Board of said vacation, to elect said offices.

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