Definition – Profession

The term profession is defined as “a calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive preparation, including instruction in skills and methods as well as in the scientific, historical, or scholarly principles underlying such skills and methods, maintaining by force of organization or concerted opinion high standards of achievement and conduct, and committing its members to continued study and to a kind of work which has for its prime purpose the rendering of public service. Lawyers Title Ins. Corp. v. Hoffman, 245 Neb. 507, 513 N.W.2d 521 (1994); Georgetowne Ltd. Part. v. Geotechnical Servs., 230 Neb. 22, 430 N.W.2d 32 (1988).

Surveyor’s petition against original surveyor of property seeking indemnification and alleging original surveyor incorrectly placed pins on boundary of surveyed property and knew or should have known of pins placed would be relied upon by subsequent surveyors did not set forth sufficient facts to establish whether professional negligence statute of limitations applied to original surveyor’s activities in performing survey. Accordingly, the trial court incorrectly sustained the original surveyor’s demurrer on basis that statute of limitations barred claim. Lawyers Title Ins. Corp. v. Hoffman, 245 Neb. 507, 513 N.W.2d 521 (1994).

Subsequent surveyor of property failed to state cause of action against original surveyor for alleged negligence in performance of its contract with a party which was not described in the pleadings. The pleadings did not allege the original surveyor’s duty of reasonable care extended beyond obligation to party for whom original survey was performed, the petition did not indicate why a duty extended to the subsequent surveyor as a third party, and the petition did not allege that damage was reasonably foreseeable nor did it state why damages were reasonably foreseeable. Lawyers Title Ins. Corp. v. Hoffman, 245 Neb. 507, 513 N.W.2d 521 (1994).

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