Evidence – Government Survey

In determining the boundaries of land depending upon the true center of a section line where various surveys by different surveyors disagree as to the true center, monuments fixed by the government survey will control as to the location of the section corners. Runkle v. Welty, 86 Neb. 680, 126 N.W. 139 (1910). See also Neb. Rev. Statutes §23-1908.

Where the original mounds or monuments established during a government survey can be identified and ascertained, they will control course and distance. Peterson v. Skjelver, 43 Neb. 663, 62 N.W. 43 (1895). See also Neb. Rev. Statutes §23-1908.

The location of the corner as established by the government surveyor is controlling. Morrison v. Neff, 16 Neb. 179, 20 N.W. 254 (1884).

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