Evidence – Improvements

Owners of adjacent lots employed the county surveyor to mark the boundaries of their respective tracts. The original corners were found and fences built along those boundaries. Later, another county surveyor resurveyed the section. Because he could not find the original corners, he made his survey by measuring from the known corners and then by dividing distances which did not coincide with the original survey. even if distances in the field notes do not reveal the true corners, construction of the fences according to the government corners was sufficient evidence of the location of the corners. Hurn v. Alter, 80 Neb. 183, 113 N.W. 986 (1907). See also Runkle v. Welty, 86 Neb. 690, 126 N.W. 139 (1910); and State v. Ball, 90 Neb. 307, 133 N.W. 412 (1911).

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