Definition – Batture

The term “batture” is defined as “An elevation of the bed of a river under the surface of the water; but it is sometimes used to signify the same elevation when it has risen above the surface.” 1 Bouv. Law Dict., Rawle’s Third Rev., p. 332. In fact, a batture is a filling in of the stream of water from the bottom. During the early stages it appears as a growth, slowly filling from the bottom, and as it continues to grow it ultimately forms an island. In any event it is a form of an accretion and the title thereto becomes the property of the owner of the original bank. Its accretion will generally go to the owner of the bank to which it is attached. Clark, Surveying and Boundaries (2d ed.) sec. 294, note 4. Conkey v. Knudsen, 143 Neb. 5, 8 N.W.2d 538 (1943).

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