Nebraska Statutes: 25-1218


25-1218. Works of history, science, or art; presumptive evidence.

Historical works, books of science or art, and published maps or charts, when made by persons indifferent between the parties, are presumptive evidence of facts of general notoriety or interest.

R.S.1867, Code § 342, p. 451;
R.S.1913, § 7910;
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R.S.1943, § 25-1218.

Text books on surgery are not competent evidence except as to matters of general notoriety or interest. Van Skike v. Potter, 53 Neb. 28, 73 N.W. 295 (1897).

Books of science or art are competent evidence when shown to be reputable or standard works. Sioux City & Pacific R. R. Co. v. Finlayson, 16 Neb. 578, 20 N.W. 860 (1884).

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