Nebraska Cases and Attorney General Opinions: By Subject

Adverse Possession – Accretion
Adverse Possession – Against Government
Adverse Possession – Elements of
Adverse Possession – Establish Boundary Line
Adverse Possession – Evidence
Adverse Possession – Evidence of Fence Line
Adverse Possession – Exact Description of Property
Adverse Possession – Hostile
Adverse Possession – Irregular Tracts
Adverse Possession – Land Used Continuously
Adverse Possession – Mistaken Boundary
Adverse Possession – Motives
Adverse Possession – Notorious
Adverse Possession – Occupy With Intent to Own
Adverse Possession – Quiet Title

Board of Examiners
Boundaries – Acquiescence
Boundaries – Common Property
Boundaries – Determine from Evidence
Boundaries – Easements
Boundaries – Establish by Acquiescence
Boundaries – Establish by Action in Equity
Boundaries – Establish by Agreement
Boundaries – Establish by Agreement and Acquiescence
Boundaries – Fences
Boundaries – Jury Instructions
Boundaries – Obliterated Corners
Boundaries – Plat Conflicts with Survey
Boundaries – Subdivision of Section
Boundaries – Surveys
Boundaries – Trees and Hedges
Boundaries – Variance
Boundary Disputes – Evidence

Conveyance – Accretion
Conveyance – Acres Stated
Conveyance – Intent
Conveyance – Intent of Parties Prevail
Conveyance – Legal Description
Conveyance – Lot Numbers
Conveyance – Lot Numbers or Land Markers
Conveyance – Metes and Bounds
Conveyance – Reference to Second Document
Conveyance – Riparian Land
Conveyance – Streets and Alleys
Conveyance – Survey Included in Document
County Surveyor – Duties
County Surveyor – Qualifications

Dedication – Acceptance of
Dedication – by Acts
Dedication – Common Law Distinction
Dedication – Effect of Vacating — Dedicate Street
Dedication – Evidence of
Dedication – Fee Held in Public Trust
Dedication – Filing Plat
Dedication – Intent to Dedicate
Dedication – Knowledge and Acquiescence
Dedication – Parol, Implied by Acts, by Time
Dedication – Permissive Use of Land
Dedication – Through Prescription
Dedication – Vacation of Dedicated Street
Dedication – Width of Dedication
Definition – Accretion
Definition – Acquiescence
Definition – Avulsion
Definition – Batture
Definition – Extent
Definition – Geographic Centerline
Definition – Island
Definition – Littoral Land
Definition – Monument
Definition – Profession
Definition – Reliction
Definition – Riparian Land
Definition – Thread of the Channel

Easements – Avigation
Easements – Elements to Prove a Prescriptive Right
Easements – Extent of
Easements – Implied
Easements by Prescription – Creation
Evidence – Easements
Evidence – Enclosure
Evidence – Expert Witnesses
Evidence – Field Notes
Evidence – Generally
Evidence – Government Survey
Evidence – Improvements
Evidence – Monuments
Evidence – Location of an Obliterated Corner
Evidence – Physical Evidence Found
Evidence – Plats
Evidence – Resurvey
Evidence – Secondary Evidence
Evidence – Subsequent Survey
Evidence – Testimony

Government Corners
Government Corners – Reestablish
Government Corners – Rule for Locating

Highway – Access
Highway – Establish
Highway – Establish by Prescription
Highway – Statutory

Land Survey – By Electronic Means
Land Surveyor – Negligence

Natural Stream

Plats – Consent to Contents
Public Highways and Roads

Riparian Rights
Riparian Rights – Accretion
Riparian Rights – Accretion and Reliction
Riparian Rights – Accretion Caused by Water
Riparian Rights – Accretion to an Island
Riparian Rights – Avulsion
Riparian Rights – Boundary Follows Channel
Riparian Rights – Change in River Bank
Riparian Rights – Converse of Streams
Riparian Rights – Evidence of Accretion
Riparian Rights – Meander Lines
Riparian Rights – Navigable Watercourses
Riparian Rights – Own Soil to Thread of Stream
Riparian Rights – Reasonable Use of Water
Riparian Rights – Reliction
Riparian Rights – Submergence
Riparian Rights – Subsequently Formed Islands
Riparian Rights – Thread of Stream
Riparian Rights – Thread of the Channel
Riparian Rights – Upstream Use of Water
Road Width

State Survey Record Repository


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